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Stop Hemo

Stop Hémo is a biopolymer extracted from brown algae and transformed into fibres.

Stops bleeding fast

As soon as Stop Hémo-H comes into contact with blood, it triggers an IONIC EXCHANGE: Stop Hémo's fibres absorb sodium ions (Na+) contained in the blood and, in exchange, release their calcium ions (Ca2+). The calcium ions thus released accelerate platelet aggregation and participate in the chain reaction of the coagulation cascade.

Stop Hémo-H contributes to the orderly and timely coagulation, including in patients under anti-coagulation and/or anti-platelet aggregation treatments.

Doesn’t cause re-bleeds

As they come in contact with sodium ions contained in the blood, Stop Hémo-H fibres gel together for a gentle atraumatic removal.

Accelerates healing

The calcium ions released by Stop Hémo-H activate key cells of the healing process for faster healing of the puncture site.

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